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Radiant Classic Facial 

Based on an initial analysis of your skin we will customize a facial to your skin care needs and skin type.  Our facial involves a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation to rid dead skin cell build up, extractions, massage, a mask and moisturizer to nourish the skin. The aesthetician treating you will provide you with a regime that will hydrate, protect and improve your skin's complexion. We use a variety of products that are gentle and effective for any skin type. This means your treatment will be different every time you visit - just like your skin!

(This is a 55 minute treatment.)


Gently and thoroughly exfoliates dead skin cells, helping to minimize fine lines and imperfections while removing vellus facial hair (Peach fuzz). Restores a more even skin tone and texture for a smoother complexion. As an added bonus, increased product penetration allows more effective and instantly visible results. An excellent add-on service to your facial.

(This is a 75 minute treatment with facial. Derma only is a 30 minute treatment.)


Layers of dead tissue disappear as finely ground crystals are blown across the face. Our exfoliating treatment leaves skin looking polished and smooth. Microdermabrasion can be purchased with or without facial.

(This is a 75 minute treatment with facial. Micro only is a 30 minute treatment.)

Custom Peels

Ideal for revitalizing sun damaged, acne-prone, and aging skin. While there are many different types of chemical peels, they all utilize one or more acid solutions to remove the damaged outer layer of skin and improve skin tone and texture. Our estheticians will determine which peel is best for your skin. Best results are seen when added on to a facial treatment. A peel is recommended to clients with dull or clogged skin as well as those with acne flare-ups or discoloration. This treatment will minimize surface irregularities, improve firmness and will leave skin clear and refreshed. Our products used in peels are chirally correct and are of pharmaceutical grade. Our peels are also free of dyes and parabens which make them safe for your skin!

(This is a 55 minute treatment.)

Photofacials / IPL Treatments

This effective photo-rejuvenation treatment is FDA approved. IPL technology safely eliminates age spots, freckles, and broken capillaries while stimulating collagen production. Those with Roseaca, large pores, uneven skin tones and acne-prone skin make great candidates for a Photofacial. Photo rejuvenation is the non-surgical approach to skin renewal that can transform your look and still allows you to return to normal activity immediately.

Among the conditions treated are:

  • Sun Damage and Age Spots: wide areas of pigmentation on the face, chest and arms

  • Rosacea: general inflammation of the vessels of the cheeks and face

  • Acne: relieving hyper-pigmentation and clearing bacteria

Laser Tightening/Acne Scars

This treatment uses a Cynosure/Palomar 1540nm non-ablative fractional technology that triggers the body's natural healing process in order to stimulate new collagen. The stimulation of new collagen helps improve tone and texture while also tightening the skin to reduce the signs of aging. 

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