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We know that each client is unique and that is why we provide complimentary consultations allowing us to properly diagnose skin conditions.

Make an appointment today and see how we can help you FEEL RADIANT!

Laser Hair Removal

Radiant Skin and Laser Center uses the most comprehensive laser hair removal system available today, CYNOSURE'S ELITE Aesthetic Workstation. Using both the Alexandrite (755nm) and the Nd:YAG (1040nm) wavelength, we can treat hair removal on all skin tones, even tanned skin. Laser hair removal provides a quick and easy solution for permanent hair reduction, allowing you to look your best without all the inconveniences of short-term fixes. All areas of the body can be treated except for the area around the eyes. 

How does it work? - Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair safely by gently emitting pulses of energy directly into the hair follicle. Your hair absorbs the energy from the laser and the hair is destroyed. 

*Please note: Do not tweeze or wax the area to be treated 4-6 weeks before your hair removal appointment. Shaving and depilatories are ok.

Prior to an appointment, please clean shave the area to be treated. 

*All laser treatments may be purchased in a series of five and the sixth is complimentary. Buy six and get 2 Free.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are no longer permanent. Technology is always advancing and using our CYNOSURE MEDLITE C6 Laser, your tattoo can be removed safely. As the light energy gently vibrates and shatters tattoo ink, it breaks into easily micro particles which dissipate with the help of your bodies immune system. Our laser professionals will assess your tattoo and schedule a treatment plan that works best for you. Most lasers have two wavelengths to target blue, black and red inks. The MEDLITE C6 with its PhotoAcoustic technology, however, features four wavelengths to target a wide range of colors, even difficult -to-treat green and sky blue.

What to Expect - The light energy gently vibrates and shatters the tattoo ink into easily eliminated microparticles. Your treatment feels similar to snaps of small rubber bands followed by a cooling sensation. A temporary whitening will follow the first treatment, over time the tattoo particles will fade through the lymphatic system and the skin will return to its natural color. Dark blue, black and red inks offer the highest degree of success.

Most tattoos can be removed in 5 to 12 sessions.

Photofacials / IPL Treatments

This effective photo-rejuvenation treatment is FDA approved. IPL technology safely eliminates age spots, freckles, and broken capillaries while stimulating collagen production. Those with Roseaca, large pores, uneven skin tones and acne-prone skin make great candidates for a Photofacial. Photo rejuvenation is the non-surgical approach to skin renewal that can transform your look and still allows you to return to normal activity immediately.

Among the conditions treated are:

  • Sun Damage and Age Spots: wide areas of pigmentation on the face, chest and arms

  • Rosacea: general inflammation of the vessels of the cheeks and face

  • Acne: relieving hyper-pigmentation and clearing bacteria

Laser Tightening/Acne Scars

This treatment uses a Cynosure/Palomar 1540nm non-ablative fractional technology that triggers the body's natural healing process in order to stimulate new collagen. The stimulation of new collagen helps improve tone and texture while also tightening the skin to reduce the signs of aging. 

How does it work? - This fractional technology uses microbeams of energy to create areas of affected tissue that extend through the epidermis into the dermis. This triggers the bodies natural healing process to create new, healthy collagen. You can have a more youthful looking appearance with improved tone and texture of your skin. Achieve long lasting results without the pain or side effects associated with surgery. Best of all, you will still look like you...only better!

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